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Dennis Brown


Dennis Brown

Easy Take It Easy

Talk back to you, I take it easymy mom thinks I'm the worst so listen to me diss her on this verse.
My mom hates when i where really baggy pants
She states I'll never find a boy I dress like a man.
I think she'd really enjoy if I wasnt such a tomboy.
And wear a low rise jeans with a bit of my thong showing would you like that?
Cause then I'll get all the men and we can sleep together outside in my brand new tent.
You never let me be barbie but I'm supposed to find ken.
You takin space in my brain like you owe me some rent.
You say you dont need me, you say that easily.
Say that next time you try to play a DVD or work the TV or fix the weefee, ask SIRI i bet she'll say to go ask Lilly.
And yes it was your girl's tour, the first for me.
Lucky for me, not 'cause you gave birth to me.
You try n take that credit, that dont work for me.
It wasn't called a trip to go get groceries.
And you say my brains backwards and that I'm crazy, 'cause a quick question Wasn't you who raised me?
So your lies don't phase me, I know you don't hate me next family party girl you gon praise me like my daughter so this and my daughter so that.
She got six million sub look they give her gold plack and I always support yeah you talkin' pure smack when i was ten i had to lie to use MSN chat.
I don't know how to cook I am no bobby Flay, but i can work a camera that's something you cant say.
Remember when you took pics we was on vacay and you came home with pics are just some white blank space.
Yeah got some Taylor Swift shit right there now we got bad blood feel a drip right there.
Man I'm only twenty-six n I got mad white hairs 'cause hearing you nag is just a bad nightmare.
Why you always compare me to other kids huhh? 'cause you don't know the crap that they did (nahhh).
Mad for making videos with wigs(what).
Man our neighbour's daughter she got a hickie this friggin big.
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And I act like royalty?
Like what you talking about?
If I was queen, I wouldn't have to hear you shout.
We're all slaves, we don't open our mouths 'cause you're like king Jeffrey inside this house.
Why are you always tryna start (huh?)
You could change your name to Mamrie still won't have Hart.
And Lilly's not bad that's not what people think.
They see my mom and they're like Lilly deserves a drink.
I'm living in a crazy house someone save me, 'cause until I get married I am not amazing.
and my mom treats me like I'm a kid lately.
I am a grown woman I am not your baby.
I am not your lil baby I am not your lil baby.
Now pay my own bills,
I'm about to buy my own house.
Say you want me gone?
yeah you say that I should disappear, but when i leave for good man your eyes gon be filled with tears.
I am not your lil baby I am not your lil baby.
Still keep watching some Ice Age 'cause you really need to chill.
You say I cause you trauma 'cause I'm always starting drama well call me WILL I AM cause I got it from my moma.
Talk back to you?
I take it easy


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