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It's Not Right

Wa this father in a my eye sight?
Jamaica know seh it's not right
The a abuse the kids and a tek them life
Mi waan know how them sleep at night
Wa a joke to you
A straight head to meet
Pastor bwoy stop ramp wid the youths them destiny

The children live what they learn
Them so innocent and so free
Chant a psalms everyday fi the wicked them
Father God him a go answer we
Alright, you have whole heap a woman out there them a sell them body
Why? Cause when them did likkle bit a grow them get molested by them daddy
Now Jamaica tell mi how mi fi keep my cool
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If a man a touch my likkle son now mi hear him cyaa keep him stool
Yo mussi mad, yo mussi sick
Everybody have to run up and down in a this
Pastor fi tell wi the right way fi choose
No in a court house fi carnal abuse
That's why mi work hard day and night
Fi make sure mi kids them quite alright
No waan si them walk from school fi a bwoy form fool
Me swear pon my life
If a bwoy ever touch Kie and Sta
Mi would a turn Jamaica in a world war
Mi no waan si no big man a look no 15 year old
Mi and no child molester naw spar