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I'm the smile that adheres you
I got the lips that would tempt you, touch you, take you anywhere
I got the eyes that allure you
I got the face that's displayed on posters plastered everywhere

I'm in the print tthat distracts you
The tabloid void to entice you, draw you, coax you, suck you in
Feel my knife while it cuts you
Yeah, It's my blade searing, helping me get under your skin

You think you know me, I don't care
I'll take your money, I'll strip you bare

I'll fake a smile when you meet me
Try and pretend that I think I know what's going on inside
Ever thought of it this way
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Where would she be if the unthinkable occurs and then you DIE!

I'll interrupt on your TV
I'll make you wait while you try and watch your little show
I'll kick your ass when you least expect it
I'll take your eyes out while you watch, you won't even know

You think you like me, I don't mind
I'll take your money and bleed you dry

I'll be your best friend, you know you need me
I'll put you right where you want to be
Take my Temptation, take your Greed