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Das Racist


Das Racist


Commercial, commercial
Calm down, it's not going to hurt you. It's free! It don't cost no money
Mamas and papas too
Boom shakalaka boom
tell me who to sock it to
To the left to the left now slide baby
Slide c'mon c'mon let me see your Tootsie Roll
Kool Attention Deficit
Too legit to quit
, hoola hoola moola holy moleys
Rodeo these body-odies,
shake that body for me
You, til you tell me what you wanna do,
Babalu, babalu
, get ready, heavy like who do you
Who do you love? Who do ya lust? Who do ya
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No justice, just us,
Jive shuck
Yummy yuck
tummy tuck
bunny hop
money money
Money up, money money money Money money
Money money money money Money money money
Money up, Money money money Money money
Money up, money money money Money money money
It's 1991 and the party is fun
It's 1992 and the party is you
It's 1993 and the party is me
It's 1994, do you want more?
It's 1995 and the party is live
It's 1996 and the party is sick
It's 1997 and the party is ill
It's 1998 and the party is great
[Verse 2: Heems]
It's irrelevant tell me where my cheddar went, money is my time and I like my time better spent
How do you 'splain, how do you 'splain
(?) money missin', from the end listenin' dope boys trippin'
Hit it hit it hit it hit it once I hit it I ain't quit it
Want it back like a rebate,
like I'm on a sweepstakes replay can't stand straight can't
Speak straight replay replay replay lovers played each other, now I got a-
Nother son with another mother, he don't look nothing like his older half brother, scold him when he
Hurt her, love him if he murder, brother like a lover, cook the best burgers,
never though I'd get my cream tooken, Queens, Brooklyn
(shook him I'm a shook hand?)
I miss my duffel bag
How you run with that?
Want my burner back
you got no
Gun to clap, streets chit chat deadbeat
Dad, woulda let you have it if I thought you need that
Funny that, thought you loved me back, want my money back
How you gonna laugh at me and leave me? Heartlessly
G me? Love me and be me? Believe me we
Need me, you ski bein' greedy,
Johnny need his mom