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Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley


Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley


作詞:Bob Marley, Damian Robert Nes Marley, Stephen Marley

Babylon position the queen and set the pawn
And start transform like Deceptacon
Anytime delegates have a discrepance
Well, a bare tension with some long weapons

Night vision upon the attack mission
Coalition of folly-ticians get switch on
If you look in the face of the newly born
The newly born, a face malnutrition

Suspicion to what is them ambition
Total destruction start to ignition
And the world still a fight over religion
Everyone have a right to a decision

Superstition the people reflect upon
Something nuh right I man suspect a con
'Cause them a lost inna the darkness beyond
And none should escape except the ones

Who Exodus with no question
Better put on your khaki uniform
If you-a driver, leave unno engine on
If you a rider jump 'pon a unicorn

Lace your shoes is you is a pedestrian
Run for the boarder like a Mexican
Underarm smell green like a Leprechaun
Survival of Jah people

Exodus, alright, alright
Movement of Jah people

Chicken merry, Hawk is near
Tell them beware but them still won't hear
Life is a road so you drive with care
Tire can't bus' 'cause you got no spare

Whole heap of lust in your atmosphere
Step 'pon di gas and you start draw gear
Dis Rastafari you do not care
Some don't share and then that's not fair

Make a move before they make a move on you
Making moves and still move and go through
Moving things weh you not supposed to move
Watch you move and where your moving to
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Who you move with you move with your crew
Move some fool from up off the avenue
Move a pound and boost your revenue
Move uptown and overlook the view

Move around and get from one to two
Make a wrong move in the game you loose
I stand up and I refuse to move
Substance weh mi know mi nah go use

Metric measurement mi nah go choose
Moving on and still you need a clue
Car keys are the only keys wi' move
Moving on in, Lawd

Exodus, alright, alright
Movement of Jah people

Music business as usual
Mi spliff and Guiness as usual
Royal and muffin as usual
High grade we puffin' as usual

Fight down the system as usual
The system fight we down as usual
The cops dem a watch we as usual
And a we a watch the cops as usual

No strap would be unusual
Roll wid it inna we lap as usual
Always ready fi clap as usual
Rastaman deh 'pon top as usual

Standard never drop as usual
Man-a' cream of the crop as usual
Run right 'round the clock as usual
Movements non-stop as usual

Exodus, alright, alright
Movement of Jah people

Move, move, move, move
Move, move, move, move
Move, move, move, move
Move, move, move, move