The Invisible Strikers 歌詞 Eternal Silence ※
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Eternal Silence


Eternal Silence

The Invisible Strikers

The Invisible Strikers

Broken Thrones - Fall of the monarchy, The Emperor mourns behind walls.
Shadowknights of deceit and perfidy ride the night - The Invisible Strikers.

' We feed on defeat! Treacherous feast - Death is an ordeal! '

Silent... Silent wrath - Betrayal... Betrayal - Cast of spells.
Black lotus... Black lotus blank and bleak.
Extant... Extant witchcraft.

Break of dawn... The sun shines red - Fill their eyes with frantic dismay.
The sage is dead, his highness counsellor, with magic wand in hand - Perished to the sand.
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Broken walls - Fall of a tower dome, The Emperor swallows in bricks.
Flash of lights, thunder and stormy clouds, watch the signs - The Invisible Strikers.

Illuminated by the shining moon, The Emperess calls for them -
The demons of the night...

' I ask you - Proceed my reign! '

The Invisible Strikers, as legends foretold - The Emperess rides the night!