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Buried in the Sky

This is for you
This is for the last breath you've spent
Weaking my heart
The memories, will not be as this fallen dreams
Lost in time
Like buried in the sky
Waiting for these empty eyes
Are filled with the life
Waiting for this breath
Burn inside these paper lungs
Take my hand and watch your name
Erase from grave
Now I know (that you feel me)
Now believe (at all the words I said)
Now I know (that you feel me)
Now believe (at all the words I said)

Can you see this place it's far among the stars
We've cried thousand tears but no one cares about us
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Now I can see clear, exactly what I feel
Is like that for all these years
No one as never feel our pain
Like the deepest sea, I will sink you in my think

You're just a part of me, remember back in these time
Devil still in my head and I will never forget
Faded light was only the flash of your eyes

Now understand…
Now understand…

And if I can stop the time, and steal a piece of infinity
Where o the frail wings of vanity,
I've learned to know the why of death
But now you seems here, trapped in my eyes!