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Eleni Mandell


Eleni Mandell

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring, do you know
What a girl has to do
Where a woman has to go
To find a man who wants to
Slip you on a finger
What is the song and
Who is the singer

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Wedding Ring it's a joke
If I wear my hair long or I wear
My hair short, where's the man
Who wants to make romance with me
What is the dance and who wants to dance with me?


Wedding Ring
So carefully crafted, mysterious band of gold
And what really comes after, when we grow old?

Wedding Ring, hold the phone
I've a talker on the line, says he wants
The right to own, but he's the man who
Played the bait and switch
I keep on fishing, but can't catch a fist


Wedding Ring, it's just a loan
How does a lady take advantage of the prices
When they're low, where's the man
Who wants to ask me. I am the catch, so
Who wants to catch me?

Wedding Ring, Wedding Ring
Ding ding do, ringa ding ding do