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Eleni Mandell


Eleni Mandell

Maybe, Yes

Maybe doesn't me hot
Maybe doesn't burn me up
Maybe doesn't make me sad
Maybe makes me wonder why

Maybe I'm in love with you
Maybe I could love him too
If you don't know what to say
Maybe I will walk away

Yes, is sweet
And yes, my dear
Yes makes maybe disappear

Maybe doesn't turn me on
Maybe's not filet mignon
If your answer's I don't know
Maybe I will let you go

Yes is tender
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Yes is true
Yes says, baby, I want you
Yes, I do

Yes is smart
Yes makes me laugh
Yes says, baby, be right back

Maybe isn't calm and cool
Maybe better stay in school
If you don't know what to do
Maybe it's goodbye to you

Yes is funny
Yes is rich
Yes says, baby, make a wish
Or two