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Words can hurt my heart feels the pain
Every time I restrain
Don't give me one more chance to cry
So I could never stay behind
Why people change that face so easily
It makes me crazy
They always tell me that I should leave
I still can't understand

The snap can be always staying around
All my words inside turn around
The story's about my falling down
I know my heart has broken down
The lips can't shake with that sound
But I still want to say

*I just wanna close my eyes
Speak to my mind ''It will be fine!''
At least I could try

Open my eyes, I have owned smile
Let it be fine, It is my reason to strive*

Time can change I feel blank in soul
Becuz' of my trouble
Forgive me what I've done before
So I could never stay alone
How can I change my mind to be strong
How can I go on
I know that there is something wrong
I still can't understand

Even though the hope has passed away
Wherever I will stop my pace
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Someday I'll be trapped in that cage
Someone will find out in my place
Just the shape that I made
But I still want to say

Repeat *
#Follow the star light
Run(Shine) in the dark night
Don't realize why I should be shy
I will never let my face cry
I want to try
To protect bravery that protects me
It won't be the right for them to see
The time will find out what that means#

All my words in my heart are keeping turning around
Break up my sound
The story's about my falling down
I know my heart has passed away
The lips can't shake
No matter what they want to say

I just wanna climb and move on
Time won't take long. Life changes in form
At least I'll be stronge

I have no more
Heart screams in hole
It comes so close
I know it's my way to fly


No matter how long it takes
I'll let you know my bravery