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Failing Forward


Failing Forward

Hey Kiddo!

We got a question
it's not about your last relation
can you tell me 'bout your education
a lost boy! without any direction
here's the situation
you give them the wrong expression
maybe it can bring you some recognition
but in the end, you leave them a bad impression
here's another question
it's not about your last relation
with all that you've done, what do you expect
you're on another run, yet another act
there are some reasons
for your sake, there's no Iimitation
all their affection must have an effect
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risking her life shou|d've earn respect
they're willing to give almost anything
but you're just trash talking to them
they always thought that you are everything
but you just proved that they were wrong
hey! hey!
watch your mouth and don't swear too much
hey hey, listen up listen up!

if you wanna get down with me
you better listen this carefully
if you wanna get down with me
at least you've got to behave properly