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Gucci Mane


She dont fuck with broke niggas shes stiff
And I dont fuck with broke bitches im stiff
And I lowering my tricking im stiff
And [?]gotta pull weed or im stiff
I only fuck with bad bitches im stiff
She only fuck with rich niggas shes stiff
Im talking good game give em so swift
I need a million dollar bitch cause im stiff

Im balling hard like im playing for the pistons
Im throwing money in the club you shuld've been gone
Super duper balling shit is what my wrist on
Looking for a super bad bitch to piss on
I chop em off so every verse is like diss song
Say she never seen a nigga throwing this on
He lil [?]to see his bitch gone
Im buying drinks for all my friends I insist on
Big watch like the flint stones
I bring fire and brick stones
Wearing bottles with my chick on
And getting money with my clique on
We screaming quaterback half a brick and that ain't a hit song


I got to rest a long way and they stiff
So she could tell im getting money out for real
Dont [?]but I got that pill
Pass so much money I could close down [?]
You niggas hold touches not how Im built
A hundred thousand young hoes like willt
You tryna kill me you end up get killed
Nigga told me to stay strapped and not just slipped
Sixes on my [?]8 big lips
My hat cocked back my brain on tip
I serve lean beams even serve MILFS
How the hell im gonna help you when you can't help yourself


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