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I'll show you what this man is about, watch me damage your house. I won't trample or shout - I'll just trash it and bounce. Flip your shorty so quick - switched her pants with her blouse. If your head's in the room put your hands in the clouds. Got a lot of props - we handin' them out, while some panicking mannequins stand in the route. Hit the hood in Atlanta with your cameras out? That'll get you Lynnard Skynnard - you know - band from the south. We landed on Mount Rushmore and bust four presidents plus four fans in the mouth. Socks keeps planning it out - expanding it out - putting up streams like some salmon or trout. Forget Planet Rock, you're on a planet of doubt, so abandon the man in the mirror's vanity now. It's calamity how I'll be slammin' the sound. Play me in your living room and catch a tan on the couch.

I drop with the impact of two asteroids that'll turn a pair of goons into two fan-boys. The man deploys - toucans enjoy - while your loops sound fruity and too 'flamboy'. I do avoid - because I'm too annoyed like Gary Busey accused of shrooms and 'roids. I never subscribed to Tom Cruise tabloids (Katey never gave birth they bought a cute android). Megatron's back - omega beams blast. Nobody wants to play me like a Sega Dreamcast. Bring a mega long gat 'cause my head'll reach past east and west beef and get an Pebble Beach hat. Yo Dex - put me up where the levels peak at and the small-tittied singers acapella b-flat. Bet ya sweet ass when this fella speak fat, I'm a tell 'em shit is real like a Tel Aviv map.

The task is great to fascinate the massive state of passive fakes who pass the plate but lack the taste pasta, steak and After Eights - they have to wait or keep up and match the pace. Tabulate the average rate that cats get played in rap today like racking paint get stashed away and fast to blame the past on fate - either that or dad's mistakes so act your age. Try and digest - no hurry if the shit gave y'all headaches like McFlurries. I'm hot off the top - old Russian hat's stilly furry - recognize - like Ghost-bustin' ass Bill Murray:I've earned my stripes from burning mics while others were concerned with ice - I learned to write. O.C. told 'em 'Time's Up' - word to life, and as the day turns to night I'm perma-hype.