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Take Chains Off

When I got kicked out of high-school I had to apply tools in order to avoid spending nine to five screwed. Killing Walmart, living by my rules, and kept on beefin' with the heat like thai food. Fast forward:got a busted passport and stolen night-stick I could probably get cash for. Passionate for stashin' shit in dashboards of friends' whips:a friendship they didn't ask for. Keep in mind that we peeped the doorman at Staples, rolling deep, speaking foreign. My whole clan sleeps in mornings while you chat with your co-workers 'bout how your weekends' boring. Major corporations:I had your stuff, getting busy with a phoney buspass and gloves. Toy cop scarecrows ain't fast enough when I'm racking, no diggity - bagged it up.

If you think that I'm joking, then so be it, but when I'm broke I get colder than a soviet. Sofa set from the Brick? Yea, stolen shit, and I was gone by the time they even noticed it. I tear it out. Fly kicks is all that I care about. It's awkward at Footlocker when I wear 'em out. Poverty sucks and the economy's rough. It's only comedy 'cause I ain't pawning your stuff. So get blazed 'til the pain is gone, stay home and Playstation 'til your brain is raw. I'm not paid in the shade with some gators on. I'm at Jane's with your dame and my pager on. Fish rappers get caught when they breathe the hook. Bad vibes rip flower kids - seeds are shook. See, everything I need - I took. You ever need a crook? I thought I told y'all to read a book. You didn't listen.