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Date With An Angel

Well I've got a date - a date with an angel
I'm going to pick her up down at Central High
And all of the boys there are going to hate me
'Cause I know that she's caught their eye.
Yes I've got a date - a date with an angel
Oh, we're not lovers. As a lover I'm through
And she doesn't kiss me. She thinks it's disgusting
Oh, I think it's disgusting too.
So, can I see you Saturday, what does it matter?
I get lonely and I just want to call
And I'll admit, I get a little angry, when they say it's wrong
Well I say don't admit to anything. Anything at all.
Well I've got a date, a date with an angel
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We're going out on our town again
I want to keep my arms around her forever
But she wants to be home by ten.
Now listen, I've got a date, a date with an angel
Oh we're not changing too much of the world.
But even though the world keeps trying to change us
No one's going to unstring my pearl.
Oh, they say you drive your life at ninety miles an hour
And if you climb, you're going to fall. They ask you
'Hey! Aren't you looking at the boys now, getting your heart broken?'
Well I say don't admit to anything, anything at all.


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