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Heroes For Hire


Heroes For Hire

Rip Out My Guts

[Verse 1:]
Clouded thoughts consume the space that's left inside my head,
While my stomach's busy sinking my heart's bursting through my chest.
I'm ready to go, starting to choke
on this bad news you're cramming down my throat.
I hope you'll never know what you do to me drives me crazy.

[Pre chorus:]
Been selling myself short for too long
Still beating myself up from the start

Rip out my guts and break all of my bones
Just to see what I'm made of, replace it with gold,
You're never gonna call me worthless
Now I see that you were never worth it
You can say what you want, but the end starts here.

[Verse 2:]
Endless conversation fills my mouth with bitter words,
While my ears are busy ringing from the rumors that were heard
I'm running away
I made the mistake of taking part in another stupid Game
I'll wait 'cause you'll break every promise you ever made me

You'll tear me down until I'm ripped at the seams,
You'll pull the thread and slowly unravel me,
When you're through tearing me apart then you'll leave
The fucking end starts here