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Get It In

Knick knack on the beat
Couple hundred for the Jordan's on my feet
Ridin' low when you see me on the street
Mobbin on anybody who thinking that it's sweet
It's heartbreakers the gang
I got pows on every chain
I'm in the wild body whip, it will be crowing up ever lane
Off this rapping make a grip
Give the lil' homie some change
When you see me out I'll be whipped at the mall
And i make it rain
Get it in, stacking Benjamins
West siders, Snoop Doggy drinkin juice and gin
Haters taking down, I'm high as fuck
So I ain't hearing them
Need a heron bong
I hit the jewel up and I spinny spin
Whole bunch of clone rappers looking like my twinny twin
And I'll be in the club, hella bar, text messaging
Call my homies up and I told 'em we gone (Get it in)
Calls some girls up and tell them to bring their pretty friends
Uh, and tell 'em turn up
You ain't know when you fo' sure, you finna learn bruh
Heartbreakers make the world go round
No other Vaders, but its 'bout to go down
I'm turnt up (Get get get it in)
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I'm turnt up (get get get it in)
Super turnt up (Get get get it in)
I'm turnt up (get get get it in)
And we gone get it in, get it in, get it in
(We gone get it in get it in get it in) x3
Sudi man, hot boy like juvy man
Money stacked to the tippy, like pooty tang
Class sensation
Imma take these fools to school again
Straight up out the bay, we here the stay in and act a fool again
Rich city, get the money, go stupid
Going hard, no touché, pull my card out, swoop it
I'll be swiping your girl like it
She be riding, like she biking
She excited, getting drunk and acting crazy, its a white chick
Young Su, make them girls come through
Make her shake her boyfriend, over Young Su
Urgh, check mate off of one move
Stupid swag and spitting like I had one tooth
If i see and I like it, imma cop dat
And if you see somebody hating tell 'em, stop dat
Heartbreakers make the world go round
No other vading, but its 'bout to go down