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Julie London


Julie London

Everything Happens to Me

I make a date for gown,
you can bet your life it rains.
Tried to give a party
But the guy upstairs complains.
Guess I'll go through life
catching colds and missing trains.
Everything happens to me.

I never miss a thing
I've had the measles and the mumps.
And everytime I play an ace
My partner always trumps.
Guess I'm just a fool
who never looks before he jumps.
everything happens to me.
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At first I thought that you would end this jinx for me.
And love would turn the trick to end dispair.
Now I just cant fool this head that thinks for me.
I've mortgaged all my castles in the air.
Well I've telegraphed and phoned.
Sent an air mail special too.
Your answer was goodby.
There was even postage due.
fell in love just once,
And it had to be with you.
Everything happens to me.


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