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The World I See

Fell the starlight
Gloving eyes above the sea
In the tample of the sun
Silver moonlight
Shining down up on the dream
Aiming far beyond the sky

Forever I never betray the melody
Take me there anywhere
I know my destiny

There is a dark cloud coming from affair
Raining down it's pain on me
I have been searching

But the war is never done

I am painting while waiting to keep my sanity
From shadow to rainbow fire still burns in me
God bless rock

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What is wrong in this world I see
Why can't we live here peacefully
Blinded in this labyrinth of hate
Life is blessing from loosing fate
After all will we ever know
Is there breath where the wind don't blow
Music is my reason to be
I still have the song in me yeah ohh

Send a loveline to the lost forgotten ones
In every corner of the world
Save the children
Bring a smile to dry the tears
Across the oceans of the earth

We are climbing and rising to find our galaxy
Fly us there to somewhere

And rock