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Johnny Reid


Johnny Reid

Old Flame

作詞:Brent Maher, John Reid

My day started broken-hearted
Like and old time country song
Right then I knew what I had to do
So, I picked up the telephone

I dialed the number, an old familiar number
I prayed it hadn't changed
I knew every word, every single word
That my heart wanted to say, it'd say

Ooh baby, I still love you so
Ooh, there's a burnin' deep down in my soul

I want us back together, I'm talkin' 'bout forever
And I ain't playin' no games
Do you wanna start a fire with an old flame?

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The phone kept ringin', just kept on ringin'
A hundred times or more
I finally gave up, I had to hang up
When a knock came a-knockin' at my door

I couldn't believe it, I could hardly conceive it
Who was standin' right in front of me
I thought I was dreamin', I said I must be dreamin'
Till she turned around and said to me, she said

Now we're back together, we're talkin' 'bout forever
And we ain't playin' no games, no, no
I started up a fire with an old flame

She started up a fire with an old flame
Yeah, we started up a fire with an old flame
Now we're dancin' by the fire with an old flame