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Jim Johnston


Jim Johnston

WWE: We're Coming Down (Dudley Boyz)

t's like a family in here, just a little disabled
Puttin it down, we lay 'em out on the table.
Who's in the house, the brothers in the house,
Got to turn it on out, let you know what we're about.
Kinda like Cain and Abel, a bit unstable
We don't be breaking the bread, we break the whole damn table.
How we shut it down, we give 'em a blast.
Keep it real dope, just using their ass.

Hypnotized in a trance, got to make 'em dance,
Jump in the pit, now throw up your hands.
Having a party, Pete Blast on the mic.
The door's wide open, do you dare to come in?
Battle with the Boyz, mess with us is a sin.
So who's up next as we gather round the table,
Lay your ass flat, let you know that we're able.


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