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J Boog


J Boog

Waste of Time

2 x She's steppin' over that line
She wont make up, no make up that's fine
Pack up and rush off your things before light
This was a waste of time she'll fold the deck again and see what I can find
Many a times that I recall girl You never once appreciated my love
Stay in the . if i could buy you .find you
.the worst but the worst call your friends tell them I was the worst
.money in your purse .
2 x That line
She wont make up, no make up
Thats fine the . rush up the things before light
This was a waste of time so call the .
Just hush up
Didn't want to get your panties all bunched up
Attitude and nagging girl I had enough of
Remember the good times when you were my lover lover lover
Now the seasons has dried up
Call the doc in the phone I need a dose of something real good
Something to take all the aches and pain
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I pray to God for someone to take me away
Now pardon me if I was too blind I got a
You like to lie and decieve what was a matter of trust
I want to start anew with somebody else
One who thinks of us and not only themselves
Been a long time and love never fail
Your speacil. depend on
Attitude has . good terms
My love lover lover
.just .i need the dose of something .
I pray fr God for someone .
Now party me if i was blind .
...easy for any of us
Wasnt hardmto . new for somebody else
.only been .
Bring alarm time
You got to got to take the .