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Kristoff Krane

Halfull Of Empty

No, I don't think you understand
The eyes you see through now are different than the ones you used to have.
All your loved ones, the walls, the map you used to make sense of the world you chose have changed, and they're not coming back for you.
What you interpret is the light traveling through the hole left by the tip of a needle as if the sky were pricked and drew
The image are clear as day they're all so gray and sawed
I know it's hard to disregard the piece of pain that's in your heart

So whether lost or not, you're caught on top a cosmic web
And it's only the response to father nature's comic pledge
And I'd rather starve to death than be poisoned without knowing why the good die in love and wind up despising the lonely.
I'm only man, I don't believe itt's all I am
But if I tried to explain I know exactly how I'd feel.
And so do you, and there is no reason to go deeper than we need to
We're just people filled with hope and bones to bruise.
Your pulse is beautiful it beats perfectly in time to a rhythm that's been teaching us how to lose our minds.
Sooner than later, this eclipse will lose its grip drift away and shift the picture of what will become of us.
It will be that which we have known to be wrong all along
That which we could sense but never put our finger on.
So for now I'll sing a song when something is missing,
'cause I know I'm doing nothing wrong when I'm simply singing


No, I don't think you understand,

Everything is empty, pain doesn't exist.
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The fear of suffering is only meant to show me what your beauty is.
And I'm a fugitive, on the run looking for someone to love and lose again,
And I'm almost done.
I'm always better gone, too far away for you to touch,
I'm always wrong,
And you are more than right for giving up.
She was drug,
Through the dirt and the mud,
And the hurt, and the blood,
And the truth that we lost when we were young.
But now trained how to live,
Self destruct, light another flame to melt and rain again.
Death is just another name for life is changing forms,
But have yet to learn how to die dancing naked in the storm.
Let me live I'm out of control,
But I'm not afraid to admit that I'm weak.
I give it my all, I know that I fall,
But nothing can dissolve the image I see.
In front of my face, in front of the wall,
Inside of us all, it's all in my head
I know that I'm dead, but I don't know why
I've been fighting to find out what peace is in me
To set free.