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Kris Kasanova


Kris Kasanova

Gold Chains & Pagers

feat. World's Fair

Jack not too long after you left
Junebug started hangin' out with a bad crowd
I mean he even started selling drugs, Jack
And then things really got bad when he
Well, what? Sho come on
He started wearing gold chains, Jack
Oh God no!
It started out with just one or two
And it seemed like every time he'd get some money
He'd go and buy more chains
But he was wearin' hundreds of 'em, Jack, hundreds
Not gold

[VERSE 1: Kris Kasanova]
I'm a motherfucking animal
Hannibal, sinking my teeth, I'm off the leash
You little niggas can't walk where I reach
Fuck that, you can't talk when I speak
What's beef?
You want to battle with that babble in my shadow
I'mma make you my Bleek
And I ain't saying I'm Hov, but I'm the closest
Throwing dirt and brushing it off the shoulders
Homeskool, better watch how you approach us
Circle 'round the body; when it's dead, we some vultures
20/20 my nig, you know I'm focused
Twenty honeys, I guarantee that they know Kris
For different reasons
I'm not a rapper
I'm God's gift, go ahead and ask your pastor
Type of nigga your girl namin' your son after
Run the city even though a nigga got asthma
Fuck weezin', I'm colder than the fourth season
Livin' life like the weekend, I'm eatin'
Got my weight up with a chick from Jamaica
Who got a fat ass and A cups, they hate us
About my paper, bring it back to the hustler
Gold chains and pagers
You minor, I'm major
Do me a favor, don't do me no favors

[VERSE 2: Prince Samo]
Car came to mash up the masses
Flick blunt ashes, slap fat asses
They said niggas'll crucify me for this one
Cause God sent his son to get his gun
And that's what Samuel 3:16 says
Ask demons 'bout this Queens head, say he's dread
Bumbaclot, but my hair ain't lock yet
I ain't take the cocaine out my sock yet
Niggas acting like they know what pain is
If they don't suck your balls, you don't know what brain is
You never wear [?]you don't know insane is
You never wear glass you don't know what a train is
And I'm just too nasty
Voice too raspy, hair too nappy
And that's the sound of the men
Bangin' that thing, that thing

What happened? Straight gun clappin'
Make bullets shower like raindrops cappin'
On your windowsill
Nigga, the drama outside my window's real
And I'm still on that same old shit
New day, new gun, plus the same old clip
Put your guns to the sky
And bust two shots cause the God is alive

[VERSE 4: Jeff Don]
Knock knock, who? Jeff Don the go-getter
Top-notch, don't sleep you know better
Stay calm, I blaze on it's no pressure
Napalm or a-bomb your whole sector
Yes sir
Never been a nooby in the streets
Man I'm hungry, I'm headin' to the studio to eat
And they say I'm on my grind, it's a tale as old as time
And this song is old as rhyme, it's a beauty, I'm a beast
You're lookin' like food and it's a feast
Means your crew is gettin' washed and your girl is gettin' bleached
I'm doin' this for keeps, we workin'
World's Fair, new New York, the resurgence
Your girl's here, she don't talk cause she twerkin'
The mission was missionary then I reverse 'em
Liquor in my system, see me swervin'
The rest high, stuck on that [?]like sea urchins
The rest gon' be stuck in they seats when we serve 'em
A cycle always spins, I provide the detergent
Take it how you want it, however connotation
At the mile point, that's the end of conversation
So keep quiet young blood
You ain't really 'bout to [?], your wire's unplugged
I'm here for pure love, away from pure hate
Is welcome to the art show, Jeff Don the curate

[VERSE 5: Remy Banks]
Legendary like these [?]I'm wearin'
Creatin' a own buzz since other people ain't carin'
'Bout us young niggas killin' it
Makin' power moves to awaken those who's sleepin'
World's Fair creepin' in the game like night creatures
No horrendous features
Women love us to death like we some handsome grim reepers
They love the smooth demeanor
Like I'm a drug dealer from '88 drivin' the black Benz two-seater
Kris said, 'Rem, I need you for this feature'
Got in my zone, reefer cologne on my t-shirt
Burned every page like the pen contain ether
Came in with a verse for the listeners to eat up
Royalty runnin' through my veins like I'm King Tut
Colosseum gold in the ears of my main slut
Now people everywhere, I never had to chain tuck
So I'mma keep talkin' my shit until my time's up