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My Savior

There it was, oh the smell
As if rats have died in the walls
And I'd like to thank my lover
For pulling me out from the dark

Life's been swell but that's just it
Life's been swell, so welcome to the thousand
Do you think the dead truly leave us?
They don't, I see them whirling in pain
Off the tip of an icy barrel, baby girl
Daddy's initiation, home of the grave

I'm sick of talking to the dead
I want my best friend back
Put his bullet in my chest instead
Oh may I join the choir invisible
Of those immortal dead
But taking words of wisdom
Let it be in minds made better

Hang on
Why wasn't I given a chance
And the sympathy that was left in me
Oh he took with him, oh he took with him
All I want is this pain to have some fucking purpose
It's the good fight till the end
But the simplest sin, it took him in

Sleeping flame
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You are yearned
Make night as bright as day
Burn baby, burn
Deaths knocking all the time
Do not stand in his grave and weep
He's not there
He's not asleep

My intuition creates loneliness
because it's dark as hell to be thinking this much
and my vices, they've been draining my health
here I lay, there you rot
I wish I could tell you what went on between
From the person I was to the demons he seeks
But he doth bestride a narrow world
And the secrets we keep remain dishonorable
Today we are gathered in a cult of forgiveness
Bring out the coffin, pour out your provisions
His lips are pale and still
My friend feels nothing, no pulse nor will

I wish your corpse was carried
Open for everything to breathe
The last of life left in you soaked up by the sun
With your wings
I wish every last breath in you was soaked up by the sun
With your wings