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Kevin Bloody Wilson


Kevin Bloody Wilson

I Gave Up Wanking

I've give up wanking this morning I never thought that
I could I'm feelin better already and this time I'm off
it for good When I first wanked I's thought I's so
clever And all of me makes, they were mugs Thought I
was the first bloke here on earth who'd ever played
with his slug It was me own little secret and I never
told anyone and the feelin' I got the first time I shot
was like chooks flyin' out o' me bum so I'm givin' up
wanking... tomorrow I never thought that I could then I
won't get these bad headaches and then I'll be off it
for good I've wanked in some unlikely places the
shower, the beach and pool a dunny, a tram a dunny and
the pictures and ebiology classes at school and once me
grandmother caught me wankin' meself in me room but to
her suprise I just shut me eyes and Imagined her
standin' there nude I'mgivin' up wanking... next
tuesday I never thought that I could and then I won't
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skwint like I do now and then I'll be off it for good
mw dad says it's gonna take willpower ther really is no
easy trick I honetly thought I'dneed surgeryto help get
me hand ogff me dick me dad's been a great inspiration
he really has been a great help he knows what I go
though and just what yo do cause he give it up yester'd
himself so I'm givin' up wanking next erid' I never
thought that I could and then I'll be off it for good
so if you don't wank you're a lair and a fool if you
say that you do so next time you see, prince charles on
tv remember he wanks himself too so I'm givin' up
wanking come christmas I never thought that I could and
I'll sell me dog and me white cane and then I'II throw
away me dark glasses and then I'll be off it for good


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