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Kendrick Lamar

Lunch Table (Freestyle)

Yeah, that's cool
Thirty two shots in the clip of his thirty four's a little nigga with heart
Frustrated with being broke while I was climbing the charts
Penitentiary chancin' and dancin' with suicide
[?]is kinda [?], love to eat on our tribe
Homie I got love for him
Angel on angel dust, I used to thug for him
Took me on my first mission, transition
Good kid turned rapper, pay attention
This is deeper than you think
Right after my admission inside the game, asked him bout whats his name
We brushed it off as a joke as we watched her get off the stage
Music award [?]for all of the nominee
I was promised to win, he was promised to leave
With all the favorite accessories
The one's the big budget videos had especially
Just a shadow in the dark, blendin' in with all the industry friends
So guess this is where the story begins, J Incredible, what!