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Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar

untitled 03 | 05.28.2013.


[Intro:Kendrick Lamar]
So I met this young lady, ya know, when I went back home. I was tryna spit my best game to her, you know, give her my best cap, but she kept on snapping her fingers like *snaps*. I said 'You know what, girl? You crazy.' Then she asked me what he said

[Verse: Kendrick Lamar and Anna Wise]
(What did the Asian say?)
A peace of mind
That's what the Asian said, I need a divine
Intervention was his religion and I was surprised
Him believing in Buddha, me believing in God
Asked him what are you doing, he said 'taking my time'
Meditation is a must, it don't hurt if you try
See you thinking too much, plus you too full of yourself
Worried about your career, you ever think of your health?
(What did the Indian say?)
A piece of land
That's what the Indian said, I needed demand
Telling me longevity is in the dirt, should buy some property first
Should profit a better dollar with generational perks
Equity at his best, really, you should invest
These tangible things expire, don't you expect
Income with so much outcome and yes
Look at my heritage, we blessed
(Now what the black man say?)
A piece of pussy
That's what the black man said, I needed to push me
To the limit to satisfy my hunger
We do it all for a woman from hair cut to a wool
We like to live in the jungle, like to play in the peach
What you saying to me?
He said 'nigga, come back to reality for a week'
Pussy is power, fuck on a new bitch every night
I wouldn't be prouder, you should allow it
(What the white man say?)
A piece of mine's
That's what the white man wanted when I rhyme
Telling me that he selling me just for $10.99
If I go platinum from rapping, I do the company fine
What if I compromise? He said it don't even matter
You make a million or more, you living better than average
You losing your core following, gaining it all
He put a price on my talent, I hit the bank and withdraw
Hit the bank and withdraw, hit the bank and withdraw
Put myself in the rocket ship and I shot for the stars
Look at what you accomplished and what he said to the boy
I'mma make you some promises that you just can't ignore
Your profession anonymous as an artist
If I don't target your market
If you ain't signing your signature when I throw you my wallet
A lot of rappers are giving their demo all in the toilet
You work toward your master's mortgage, I need a piece

[Saxophone Interlude: Terrace Martin]

[Hook: Bilal]
I holler, 'What you do? What you say?'
I shall enjoy the fruits of my labor if I get freed today
I holler, 'What you do? What you say?'
I shall enjoy the fruits of my labor if I get freed today

What the black man say?
Tell 'em we don't die, tell 'em we don't die
Tell 'em we don't die, we multiply
Tell 'em we don't die, tell 'em we don't die
Tell 'em we don't die, we multiply
Tell 'em we don't die, tell 'em we don't die
Tell 'em we don't die, we multiply
Tell 'em we don't die, tell 'em we don't die
Tell 'em we don't die, we multiply


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