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Members Only

feat. Kendrick Lamar

[Hook - Pimp C]
Smoking out, throwin up
Keep that lean up in my cup
All my car got leather and wood
In my hood we call it buck
Everybody wanna ball
Holla at broads, at the mall
If he up, watch him fall
I can't f-ck with y'all
(Pussy ass ho niggas)
I can't fuck with y'all
(Bitches all up in my business)
I can't f-ck with y'all
(Industry of counterfeits)
I can't f-ck with y'all

[Kendrick Lamar - Verse 1]
Taking off when you landing
Bitch niggas wanna throw tantrums
And I'm dancing on them stars
The galaxy ain't got room for y'all
Ain't nothing gonna happen soon for y'all
While I'm hear and every day I hear
Your bullshit, self-pity
Reason why you never dealt with me
Reason why your girl dealt with me
Hands up, in the building we get busy
And say: 'RIP Aaliyah… RIP' yep
'RIP Aaliyah… RIP' yep

That's exactly what this sound like
A to the A to the L I Y
A H, give it up 2 times
Then give it right back, don't
Blow my high


[Kendrick Lamar - Verse 2]
Look at my life, then look at yours
Get some ambition, why you bored?
Time'll never wait on no man
Society will never hold your hand
Niggas like the gossip, like bitches
Got me thinking you don't like bitches
Wonder what's behind them Ray Bans
Eyes of a coward, I understand
Niggas like the gossip, like bitches
Sip Don Perignon, when we finish
We say: 'RIP Aaliyah… RIP' yep
'RIP Aaliyah… RIP' yep

That's exactly what this sound like
But never will I ever forget Left Eye
Roll up, put a ribbon in the sky
And a button on your lips, don't blow my high


Now everybody singing this shit

I'm sending him a 4 page letter and I enclosed it with a kiss
And when I write him he better, get it on time.

Look at my life and look at yours
Get some ambition, why you bored?

RIP Aaliyah… RIP
RIP Aaliyah… RIP
RIP Aaliyah… RIP


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