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Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick Lamar

The Relevant


Reporting live, Compton California
The good kid

[Verse 1]

I'm tired of doing it the same way
Gotta Flip it before I ruin it
Make it all make sense
Before you put your 2 in it
Opinions get thrown out the window
With brown brows so turn me up loud
So the world can hear
And when your favorite rapper
Be rapping you should cover your ears
And go death, go death I said
Go death and stay dead
A shot to the forehead'll kill em
But I ain't here for no ignorance
A militants is Martin Luther King
In a penalty, aiming for my dreams
Till a bullet bounce off
One of my deep thoughts
And hit a nigga in the spleen
I got it in my genes
You probably think I'm talking bout a pistol
But I'm talking bout the blood of a warrior
My nigga what you worry for?
I ain't trying to jock your swag
I'm trying to better my craft and stay relevant


Yeah, as time fly's
Hope that I'm soaring
Far from the boring

Tell you why
It's important
Not like the boring

If I think and act like you do
The world would die
From not seeing something new
And if I don't speak on how I feel
The world would lose out on
What's really real
And if should die before I wake
I pray my music will take my place
The World
The Relevant

[Verse 2]

Id rather you call me that
Then a typical artist you call wack
On a Youtube blog holding AR's and stacks
Of one's but never could be the one
To rally communities or
Lead a crowd of blacks
Passion is to strong
Im pissed off
So there s a chance you get pissed on
R Kelly was in the wrong
But that dont make you an exempt
That dont make you a no go from hittin the fence
You ain't a blood and
Damn sure you ain't a crip
The crowd yell OH!
But I ain't a pimp
Im me, Im free as a 5 finger discount
See you on the flipside
Right after I dismount, if I
Ever feel like I ain't pushin myself
Ill find a cliff then push myself
Off the edge like a barber
At the tip of your head
Thats how I settle it
Life or death if I ain't relevant


So feel free to not mind me
If your used to boosters
Drug dealers and shooters its on wax
Cause most of yall niggas fabricate facts anyway
I could have easily cheat and let the 44 play
Like a 2 on 2 orgy
But I been there and it bores me
Got to the point where it did nothing for me
At 40 I want to afford not to record bullshit
In my story, and Im mad young so Id rather do it now
Before my careers done, this is pain plus glory
Victory is here, if I cried
You could see strength and pride in my tears
I do it for the kids, I do it for the 23
Hour lockdowns doin time in the pen
And my pen is the only thing I got for
Hip hop to change the game
They'll remember my name as the relevant