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Written in Blood

[Intro:Journalists asking K-Rino questions at press conference]
(K-Rino K-Rino, over here, over here)
(K-Rino K-Rino False News False News) (K, K)
You in the blue suit at the front
(What's the purpose of this gathering your having here today?)
I mean well, I'm just here representing the Hip Hop community man, in the southern region you know
Actually all the hoods, all the poor folks on the planet
Who've been murdered, raped, pillaged, beat, hung
Economically oppressed, improperly educated, you know
And basically just to say that
The United States is responsible for all this
So as an artist, you know, I feel it's my responsibility to teach people
And tell 'em what y'all chose to hide from us
And err tell you how this country really came to power
That's why we're here
Let's go!

[Verse 1: K-Rino]
Wherever he lived, he left faces streaming with tears
If the truth hurts, you're about to be screaming for years
Where you been? Everyday he's revealing his hand
It's starts with killing the man then stealing the land
So who the real thief? Who the real worldwide thug?
Watch God rip a hole up in this country you love
Every storm that he conformed was sent from above
Every page in your history was written in blood
They went in and slew Natives till their remnants were through
Your homey George Washington, he killed Indians too
Let me shout out to the government, they use us, man
The police and the trashy ass Ku Klux Klan
Over time they proved to have the greediest minds
These serial killers broke every treaty they signed
Columbus was a slave trader, that's an accurate claim
He took 600 Indian slaves and packed them to Spain
It was straight Hell everywhere them savages came
And damn, what about the 100 million Africans, man?
From the range of this country's dirt, no one's exempt
See, America's a hoe and Israel is a pimp
See this thing was organised, it deprived me
So I'm going kamikaze on these artificial fake Ashkenazies
Judges, politicians, police and media
The bloodsucking skunks and false preachers misleading you
I wanna see a knife in your throat for tryna cut mine
I pray for destruction of your whole family's bloodline
And that goes for your arrogant seed
Who loved to say, 'If y'all don't like it in this country then leave'
Alright cool, homey, break us off some land and paper
To compensate for hundreds of years of unpaid labour
And that's the only thing that might save you, but we already know that we'll never do it cause that ain't in your nature
The truth of who you are, we've been blessed to find
Now we got a 401K of justice saved up, collection time

[Break: Journalist asking K-Rino questions at press conference]
(So you don't believe that the government is sincere in it's efforts to spread democracy in the Middle East?)
Haha, Hell no! Next question
(So what do you think about our Homeland Security policy?)
The real question is, is who really needs the security?
America ain't no threat to being attacked, man
They're the ones doing the attacking and history proves it
Let me show you

[Verse 2: K-Rino]
They bombed China and Korea during the Korean War
Then they bombed Guatemala back in 1954
Indonesia and Cuba fell victim to the trend
Then in 1960 they hit Guatemala again
The Congo, Vietnam in 1969
Cambodia and Guatemala for a third time
Grenada in '83, yeah I remember seeing this
Then Gaddafi in Libya back in 1986
Minister Farrakhan saw that one in a vision he would have
Elijah told him Reagan was plotting with the joint chiefs of staff
El Salvador, Iran, Nicaragua came in time
Then they blew up the ghettoes in Panama in '89
Iraq in '91, the same year they got Kuwait
Somalia, Bosnia, Sudan in '98
Afghanistan, Yugoslavia over to Yemen
And they never cared about innocent children and women
In 2001 again Afghanistan
Initiated after the fake 9/11 scam
Then they back doored Iraq till they took out Saddam
They called everyone terrorists, but who's really dropping bombs?

[Outro: K-Rino]
Yeah, history don't lie
Don't get mad at me
These are the facts, this is what you did
This is what the United States of America did
So why they try and play it off like everyone else is the enemy?
They been an enemy to the whole planet
Every country, every continent
Every people that was native to the land
They came and caused destruction
These are not lies, these are truths
So take it up with your history teacher
Who teaching you that bullshhh, yeah