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Leif Vollebekk


Leif Vollebekk

Don't Go to Klaksvik

You've got the world in you
We slept again in the nude
Sky's bruised in pinks and blues
And daybreak's barely breaking through

You awake not to know the end of it
Don't go to Klaksvik

I hear those birds of dawn
Keep my mind off what I was sleeping on
The curtains by the bath are drawn
Out the windows onto the lawn

And the neighbors children step on it
Don't go to Klaksvik

The pearl up on the hill
Won't move unless you will
The fiddler takes his bow and brings
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It to the heartstrings

That moor the pearl to your fingertips
Don't go to Klaksvik

Never felt so foreign and free as before
You took me to your room and locked the door
There's a lot to be said for leaving things unspoken of
It's something else to leave me unawoken, love

The town sleeps soundly below
Just like a baby in sheets that grow
Half-soaked fishermen standing somewhat together
Miles from the shore in the foglamp weather

They're calling, yes they're calling from their ships
Don't go to Klaksvik