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My Autumn


My Autumn

The Other Lives (ft. Matthew Jones and Daniel Sharp)

That's not my life
How can someone even decide
Who is innocent and why
Who deserves to live and
Who should die?
Through all these years of judgment Suspecion's crept inside my mind
What if some innocent people
Would die in prison
By my hands?
Great power blinds all our minds
You cannot play with people's lives
Why the hall have i chosen this hard life?
How many were doomed?
How many were saved?
I din't deserve to live!
I cannot decide anymore!
No one can see the full picture
Who i am to play at GOD?
I can see clearly
HowI can't see what i'd done
There will be no sleep tonight
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Rope on my neck chair on the floor
My last decision implemented
My final court is yet to come
And every step means so much
Through all these years i've forgotten that
I have to face the consequences
My last sentence!
I've lost too much to understand
My last sentence!
I have to burn time after time
You've got no right to Judge someone
You've got no right to blame their lives
Don't tie a rope around your neck
Don't judge
And you
Will not
Be judged