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Mountain Man


Mountain Man

Take Out the Sun

I used to sleep, now I don't.
Long western roads lead to home.
Where did the keys to your west home go?
Life with no meaning has no purpose.
There's nowhere to stay warm or even numb.
Focused on the future and trying not to lose sight.
Cut the arms off your brothers.
Cut the legs off your fathers.
Learn to forget, to forget.
Thrive on this pale blue coast.

Nothing inside you moves.
Nothing inside is real.
Too many cages and not enough truth.
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The two furthers points on the floor are wasted with the cage.
The flowers bloom but the colors fade away.
Most roads won't bring you back.

(There was a time that one would lose hope running from the two furthest points
instead of following the sun.
he said rise early to catch the long western roads before the smiling bride)

Here is the time that says you lose if you leave.
Now is the time that you will thrive on this pale blue coast.
Cut the arms off your fathers.
Cut the legs off your brothers.