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Mike McClure Band


Mike McClure Band

Calling All Cars

yeah somebody got drunk and drove their car
down in a ditch leaving the bar
didn't make the corner and here comes the ambulance
it was Jimmy's first trip in the back of the van
when they flipped on the siren tried to steady his hand
he came down the hill somebody didn't have a chance

calling all cars come in wherever you are
you better call up somebody's mama and break her heart
yeah come in come in
calling all cars

Well three hours in on a twelve hour shift
Eric went out back he needed a lift
Walked back inside as Bobby walked in through the door
It was his fifth day in on an eight day binge
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With a pocket full of nothing and an empty syringe
He pulled out a pistol and ordered Eric down on the floor


Well officer Edwards finally gave in
He chambered a bullet put it under his chin
He thought about taking himself out just because
But when that call came in it was like a trumpet sound
And pulled him out of the darkness in which he was drowned
And remembered when life was bigger than he was

Repeat last two lines of until end