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Middle Distance Runner

Up In A Tree

作詞:Timothy Allan Chappelear, Ian Gregory Glinka, Stephen Patrick Ii Kilroy, Stephen Jason Smith

I'm up in a tree looking in your window
You're doing them things that you shouldn't
'Cause nobody's home

Sabbatical songs couldn't change
The things that you done
I'm up in a tree cause I'm hiding
From the sun

You're hanging around with the wrong boys
And they're doing you in
You're doing it to yourself
Though you know it's a sin

I used to go out of my way
Just to see you
But now I know what it is
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That I gotta do

I know the time has come
For me to climb down
There's someone waiting
For me on the ground

You're laughing aloud at the notion
That I moved on
You look at your presents and can't
Believe that I'm gone

The way that you laugh is biting
Into my brain
You won't see me up in your tree