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Do It All Again

作詞:Zukhan Bey, Malik Cox, Gary Grainger, James Kieth Lloyd

I would change a thing, if I have to live my life all over
Oh, baby, oh girl, I do it all again
If I have to live my life, live my life I would

I would do it all again, all again, yeah
If I have to live my life all over, nope, oh, baby, yeah
I do it all again
(Yo everyday)
If I have to live my life all over
(Every hour you know, yeah)

Yo, yo, same hustle man, same struggle man
Yeah, I do it again, if I have to
Still the same way, still the game paid
Still the young nigga, still slang, yeah

I wouldn't change a thing and my mama did it all by herself
She sayin' the same pray, listen
You hear when she whisper
I get the chance I fix her, days that I slipped her

And my man the past, I tell him I love him
And I hug him before he pass
Raised his daughter as if she was mine
Still meet the same girl, still have mine, uh

I thank God the Melik meet Shawn
I throw the diamond up higher in every song
And only drama could do it again
Da hood don't love me, still I walk through it again hear me

I wouldn't change one fact if I have to come back
And I couldn't live black, got me
But mama love me, I'm from da ghetto
And only God could judge me

I would do it all again, I would do it all again
If I have to live my life all over, oh baby, yeah
I do it all again
(Aha, uh, yeah, what)
I do it all again, if I have to live my life all over
(I do it over, for real, same way)

Oh, I wouldn't change a thang, same shit the basic
Same house, same spouse, same pop's I came with
Same gun, same case, same niggaz I bang with
I be big right now before I change shit

Just roll me up an L and live life and just do what I do
It's all lovely when it's right
But when it's wrong, I just play along
Get hit bounce back like it's really nothin' wrong

And I still struggle, still bubble
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No matter if I'm broke or rich I still hustle
Still get niggaz to test you is my life
And I do it all again,I do it twice

And I won't change a thang, maybe two
I bring Big and Pop back put them in the same room
Then I apolotic and make peace in da same room
Once a game dead then you know we all dead too, true

And then we back on the block
With the crack in da sack
I take it how it come from the bottom to the top
I signed wit Bleek and I'm ridin' wit The Roc and I

Would do it all again, do it all again
If I have to live my life all over, oh baby, yeah
I do it all again, for the love as it gain
If I have to live my life all over
(And I do it again, yeah, holla)
Oh, I would

Yo, I talk to my fam I lost and let them know
How I feel from my heart without them here no mo'
And is no lies, I do it all again from the start of my life
Till the night my mama die

I would it told her, I love and it all kept looses and close
Let her know I always be here for you
Apologize to grandma that for da stress I put her through
And to my dad I ain't mad at you

Even thought you wasn't there without you
I won't be here so I gotta be fair
Still don't love lost over here I swear
To my restin' road dawgz, yeah
(I do it all again)

Why changin' my resurrection
I be back and the style same strip
Back with the same click
Hustle in the game chips, explain this
If I have to live all over I do it
Let Barbara have his kidz all over watch me

Get it quick, servin' the pump liquor
Spend a little mo' time with my big brother Leek
Still be fam with Cease, Proof, Cali and Bleek
Holla and get low, probably when my life repeat, nigga

I would do it all again
If I have to live my life all over, oh, baby, yeah
I do it all again
If I have to live my life all over, oh I would


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