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The Werewolf Of Bedburg

Over 400 years ago
The people were terrorized
Around Bedburg and Cologne
In the German countryside
According to the pamphlet
Published at that time
A man named Peter Stumpp
Committed atrocious crimes

Peter Stumpp the Werewolf
Peter Stumpp the Werewolf

Aided and abetted
By his mistress and daughter
Body parts were found
On the land and in the water
His daughter had a son
From repeated incest
Stumpp ate his son
And said the brain tasted the best

The werewolf of Bedburg
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The werewolf of Bedburg

After many hunts
For the werewolf Peter Stumpp
They finally tracked him down
For his gruesome stunts
He roamed the countryside
Ripped innocent victims apart
And while still warm
He'd eat their hearts

Tied to a wooden wheel
They took red hot pinchers
And pulled his flesh off
In several areas
They broke his arms and legs
With a hatchet
Then burned the evil Stumpp
After cutting his head off