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On days like this I think of us like lovers sometimes do
The thought of you touching me and me caressing you
Let your love fall down on me. Come take away my pain
Make all my dreams come true
Soothe me like the rain

When we rendeavoux it's so true, you my boo
And when it rains like this, I miss you. Oh yes, I do
My heart starts pounding when I see ya
How's it feel to be ya?
I'm glad you're in my life so you can lovey dovey me
I'm glad you're in my world. Your eyes are like a song
Your face is like a symphony I wanna sing-a-long
Tra-la-la-la-la and fa-la-la-la-la
I need to be with you 'cos you're a beautiful phenomenon
I dig your vibe 'cos girl, you be vibin'
And when the love is flowing, relationship's surviving
It's pretty smooth how we groove, we could never lose
You're the sweetest little cookie a man could ever choose
Cos feels like rain. It feels like rain…

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Pleasantries set sail for these uncharted seas
Sailed by knowing the peace filled by heart with ease
To be your little flower, rain your mystic power
And keep it flowing by the hour
Yes it be mighty complex
My soul you truly bless
Calming all of my stress from the world's madness
Thank you for being you and all the things you do
You let me be free, (unh) to be me
And you know I gotcha back…yes, I pick up the slack
Keeping down all those tacks, yes, we running on this track
See I'm glad that I metcha, never will forgetcha
Someday, we can make angel babies that know how to fly
Making truth outta lies, southern made like homemade apple pies


Feels like rain (3XS)