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Paul Di'Anno


Paul Di'Anno

Phantom of the Opera (Live)

We have looked to you for a long
time and now you do not escape my claws
You have lived too long escondiéndote,
escondiéndote behind that mask false
You know and I know that does not lack
long end parael
Your appearance and your feelings
are remnants of your past

standing with your wings,
're hoping that the curtains fall
Knowing terror and control
have on us all
I know that I am going to rip,
maul and beat and criticize
You know that I am helpless
in front of your so-called confusing
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Keep a distance, stay away,
Do not fall into his hook
Do not miss, not disappear
Watch where litter, he is loose
Do not miss the narrow path

I'm running and hiding
and in my dreams is always the
You are the phantom of the opera,
you're the devil you're ready to scare
Harm my mind, and now my soul
simply through the air fleet
I am amazed, I strained,
torture me back to your shelter