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A Kindly Reminder

Well I heard all about your travel ban,
Just for countries that don't fit your business plan.
But how can you decide who cannot and who can?
You're the President now, not a businessman.
And I heard you say climate change isn't real.
That's not how the world's leading scientists feel.
So go bury your head in the sand if you will,
But the waters are rising 'round Capitol Hill.
With four years in front and only three weeks behind ya,
You somehow already managed to upset China.
And if I could offer a kindly reminder,
It's not okay to grab women by the vagina.
And maybe it's 'cause your hands are so small,
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That's why you have to build such a big fucking wall.
Yeah you promised it wide, and you promised it tall,
Now you're wanting the Mexicans to pay for it all.
And you say that you'll make America great.
But I feel that we're in for a long fucking wait.
'Cause you're carving divides through every state,
And you're filling up hearts with fear and with hate.

Well I know this song won't change your thoughts.
We're more likely to see your tax reports.


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