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Bullets - Track by Track

he has been collecting since the age of nine
every shiny bullet that he could find
getting himself a house with wooden floors
put the shiny bullets in the chest drawers
and his wife is long gone and the kids are grown,
and the trees they fall down on their own
memories fade like an old slideshow
but the bullets still shine like coins in the snow

one day he took himself in to town
when the men with the truck well they came around
they took the television and the gun from the wall
oh and almost every bullet from the chest of drawers

and he came back home found the house in a mess
running to the bedroom and the old brown chest
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well he didn't care much for the VCR
but he cried for the space where the bullets were

oh well the men to the truck down in to town
and they sold all the silver they had found
but they couldn't sell the bullets, cause they weren't live rounds
so they dug a big hole put the bullets in the ground

well he doesn't leave the house much anymore
cause the men are gonna come like they did before
and he will hold on to the three or four
bullets they left in the chest of drawers
well the bullets the left in chest of drawers