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Run With The Hunted


Run With The Hunted

I Will Make This World Without You

so x marks the spot yah?
x marks the spot
where you left a piece of yourself to die
extinct in an epoch
when giants roamed the land
casting shadows over clocks made useless
and if we can't tell time
we'll wait forever
until distant words come together
so plot a course yah?
plot a course
draw dotted lines right to the end
but the spaces between reveal everything
you never wanted me to know
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i stood knee deep in the mess you left me
til' my bones filled with fluid drowning marrow
it all soaked through, it always does and now
the wrinkles and inseams stitch together a pretty portrait

of right angles made by fools
perfection is just another word for hopelessness
and at this intersection
standing on the edge of the earth
we'll wait forever
until the corners of this map eventually overlap