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Marty Robbins


Marty Robbins

The Same Two Lips (Remastered)

The same two lips that once told me they loved me
Are the same two lips that now tell me goodbye
And the same two hands that once held mine so tightly
Are the same two hands that now push me aside

The same two eyes that looked at me so fondly
Are the same two eyes that look at someone else
And the same two lips I've taught to say I love you
Now teach, I love you, to somebody else

They say that time will change us all completely
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And I guess that we're no different, me and you
Well there was a time we got along so sweetly
But that old feelin's gone and there's nothin' we can do

The same two arms that once held me so tightly
Are the same two arms that now hold someone else
And the same two lips I've taught to say I love you
Now teach, I love you, to somebody else


Marty Robbins
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