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Mercury Rev

The Queen of Swans

Love comes thirsty, lands to drink
Love, flies up and away from me
Love comes thirsty, bathes its wing
Sometimes years go by, it seems
She flings her shadow down upon the bed
Only those with wings know whats in my head
Maps of sunlight on the carpet rest
Only those with keys know what's in my chest
Bright red threads of desire, dancing through her eyes
Everybody knows her as, the Queen of Swans
Whispers over water, over land they're sown
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Everything about her isn't really so
Whispers underground, pere lachaise they grow
Every inch of sunshine burning out the old ghosts
Sisters turn to mothers, into daughters they fold
Farewell flights, out the graves they roll
Human colored kites through the clouds they flow
Bigger than their bodies what a way to go
Love comes thirsty, lands to drink
Sometimes years go by, it seems