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Mercury Rev


Mercury Rev

Tonite It Shows

作詞:Jonathan Donahue, David Fridman, Sean Mackowiack, Adam Snyder

Into a dream I took a turn and promised to return
The way we were, the way we met, the way I lit your cigarette
The way it trailed into a stream and lay down between

You had to choose a side to lose and divide yourself in two
The way you were long before you were a walkin' civil war
But you forget where the road goes and tonite it shows

Into your soul I tried to climb but found the hole too high
For me to leave the way I'd learned and found I couldn't turn
The way the trees and fallin' rain remind me in a way

The way you were, the day we met, the way I lit your cigarette
The way it changed into a strange Cole Porter phrase
But you forget how the song goes and tonite it shows


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