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Sun Kil Moon


Sun Kil Moon

Track Number 8

I cross the highways like I did as a child
On my way to the movies I pet cats and smiled (?)
I walked the back alleys, their John Steinbeck calm
Fig trees, lemon trees, tall shady palms
Big empty churches, old antique stores
Peeling Victorians, they used to house whores (?)
I take the back streets back to my days (or digs?)
And look up at skies as I did as a kid

My bedroom window I'd look out and dream
Of a life close to what I'm living
A traveling singer who plays good guitar
At outdoor festivals, theaters and bars
And I got a nice girl she's beautiful too
Were destined to be this I know to be true
Sure there were others but nothing this nice
She set the bait and I took the bite

The streets of Martinez I love them so
I walk around thinking the sun always glows
the cats of Martinez I love them so
I feed them at night they run off and go

Four kitty cats gave them their names
Monster Fluff, Half Fluff, No Fluff and Samhain
Their the highlights of my song writing days
They're happy to see me we sit and we play
These are some words I wrote down last night
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I've beat em to death and I can't get em right
Song writings lonely, song writing hurts
A relentless itching, a bed bug curse (?)

Songwriting costs it doesn't come free
Ask Elliot Smith ask Richie Lee
Ask Mark Linkous ask Shannon Hoon
To get up on stage and sing you a tune
This business is troubling a big nagging cyst (?)
You get on this plane i'll sit at you're desk
And i'll leave at 8 and be home by 5
Call me from Warsaw if you have time

Ever wonder why there aren't more
Then 10 songs on most albums cause it's a chore
To write half a dozen some guys laid back
And rest on their lorals like lazy old hags (or 'hacks' ?)
Well I wrote this one and I know it ain't great
It'll probably sequence at track number 8
And pick up some water at 7/11
On my way to the mastering session

The streets of Martinez I love them so
I walk out the door and the sun always glows
The cats of Martinez I love them so
They help me forget my songwriting woes