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As One

We're the ones with the flame (Jay-Z:'Yeah')
We're the fire that remains (Jay-Z:'Turn Rell up a little bit')
We're controllin' the game from now on (Jay-Z:'Huh')

Yeah! It's the world reknown
Internationally connected
Locally accepted
Roc-A-Fella Records
Don't get it confused (Rell: 'Roc, baby')
Doin' what we do (Rell: 'It's The Roc, baby')
B. Sig., Rell, Peedi Crakk, Free, Young H-O, Bleek (Rell: 'You understand')

[Young Chris]
It's Young C (Neef: 'Young C!')
Home of Philly, young and hungry
All the girlies wanna fall in lust with me
And every hood in the world discussin' me
I hated once when I didn't give it up to Neef

It's Neef Buck (Chris: 'Neef Buck!')
Out the cut (Chris: 'Out the cut!')
All the haters wanna claim that they fuck with us
It ain't a game, niggas know that they Toys R Us
They can't fuck with us

[Young Chris]

I'm the one
Man I'm money, hoes, clothes and shows
To do with your ho all wrapped in one
I'm not done
Man, I'm the shit after its all said and done
The one to cop one, come back for another one
Quick fast, like rapid refund
I'm the grrrrrrr mean green out the money machine
I'm not done
I'm Omilio, and interviews thought you could hold Sparks in the hood

And you like it

[Young Chris]
All those haters talkin shit we don't like it

[Beanie Sigel]
We love it
That black mask, black glove shit
Roll up on him don't budge, bitch
With my mack, and my tech
And my vest, just like that
For them ni


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