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In The Future

It's winter, it's raining
You're tired, she's fainting
You're bitter, she's brooding
But don't be disenchanted
'Cause you can barley stand it

The sweep and the grandeur
The scope and the laughter
The future, the future
The future's got it covered
With what will be discovered

In the future fun is fun
In the future, lots of sun
I'll be there, it's up to you
You'll be there if you don't do nothing foolish

You'll love it, I know it
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I know what you like
And you'll love it, I know it
We'll need some vintage vino
So wash you feet and stamp away

Coming soon and everywhere
Everyone will walk on air
Now it seems so far away
But each day it's getting closer and closer

Convenience and pleasure
All blended together
And culture and madness
You think you've seen it all
You've seen it all except the future


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