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I Married a Martian

作詞:Ronald Mael, Russell Mael

Well, I married a Martian, and boy, am I sorry

Well, she came down from the sky
She couldn't stand the attitude there
She took human form, not bad she seemed different
She had a European flair and I said, 'Where you from?'
And she said, she said, 'I'm from Mars'

I married a Martian her loving is different
Viva la difference every, every night
I married a Martian I took her to Vegas
I dressed her in ermine she had the time of her life

Though she called me Mister Right
I could sense something was wrong
She was hardly home at all
She'd keep telling me she was doing studies of Earth
She had tendencies to flirt and it really did hurt me

I married a Martian, boy, am I sorry
I don't recommend it to anyone in their right mind
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I married a Martian, I think I see changes
I know I see changes she doesn't look like our kind

Her arms, her legs, were growing and growing
Her form, once thin, was changing, was changing
I can't describe the changes, so gruesome
She looked, she seemed so Martian

I married a Martian, I'm going to Vegas
It isn't for pleasure, I'm getting a quickie divorce
I married a Martian, boy, am I sorry
I don't recommend it to anyone in their right mind

I married a Martian who was I kidding
She only had loved me 'cause I was the first guy she saw
I married a Martian and now it is over
Go back to your cronies back to your own form of life

I married a Martian they're good in the movies
Dramatic potential but they're not so hot in real life


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